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Forex trading rules for beginers III

25.07.2006 15:17 Tuesday

Mistakes are unavoidable, please do not blame yourself, the important thing is to learn from mistakes, avoid making the similar mistake again, the faster you learn to accept loss and remembers the lesson, the days of profit making will be much more closer [more »]

Forex trading rules for beginers II

25.07.2006 15:14 Tuesday

Use stop loss to reduce risk, Act according to own ability, The account margin must be sufficient. In Forex trading, Forex trader must be able to afford taking loss, using the stop loss will prevent any further loss, the affordable loss depends on the ... [more »]

Forex rules for beginers

20.07.2006 15:12 Thursday

Beginners must patiently study and not eagerly draws up the real Forex trading account. Beginner Forex traders may first test the demo account, in the demo Forex trading study process, the essential target is to develop individual Forex trading strategy [more »]